Randi Zuckerberg Wins Half Marathon

“I Won a Half Marathon!”

– Randi Zuckerberg

“I wanted to send a note of gratitude – when we first started working together, my goal was just to get running back in my life in a tiny way. Well, just this past weekend, I WON a half marathon! First place overall female. Not only have you helped me get running back, you have helped me get my weight down, my body fat percentage down, my energy up to the point that I am performing at an elite athletic level way better than in my 20s. Honestly, I cried tears of gratitude four times this week thinking about how happy and grateful I am.

So thank you, truly, Randi.”

No, thank YOU, Randi. We are so proud and so happy to be a part of your continued success. Thank you for being so VIBRANT!

-Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C

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