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15% OFF Neurorecharge or Immune IV

& a FREE CoQ10 Shot!!

Recharge Your Brain & Body!

Buy a 15% OFF NeuroRecharge IV or Immune IV and receive a FREE Coq10 Shot!

Hurricane Dorian is behind us, School is back in session, and Cold & Flu Season is on it’s way! So, September is the perfect month to RECHARGE your Brain and your Immune System. 

Take 15% OFF the Following IVs

Neuro Recharge IV Therapy:

Combines Amino Acid Therapy, minerals, B Complex, and Glutathione to detoxify your entire body, eliminate physical cravings, improve clarity, and break you from your addiction (foods, alcohols, and drugs) or depression.

Neuro Recharge IV Therapy IS IDEAL FOR patients with:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Addictions to food, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs
  • Anyone over age 40
  • Memory Loss

Immune IV Therapy:

Similar to the Myers’ Cocktail, Immune IV Therapy is ideal for patients that may be in need of some extra immune support. It has 4 times the amount of Vitamin C and double the amount of B-complex Vitamins when compared to the Myers’ Cocktail. It’s also perfect for patients that are:

  • Feeling run down
  • Fighting a cold
  • Wanting an extra boost of wellness and performance

Receive a FREE CoQ10 Shot with your Purchase! 

Learn more about CoQ10 here.

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Offer ends September 30, 2019

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