November Specials

Flu Season is HERE!


The 2018 Flu Season was the longest in a decade. It struck early and stayed very late. Prepare your immune system for this year’s flu season with our November immunity specials! This month’s special includes a three-pronged approach to help build flu resistance in your body. 

Protect yourself with the three MOST POWERFUL methods to help BOOST your Immune System this Flu Season:

Immunotix 500

Supports the Body’s natural defense against seasonal immune challenges. Taken orally, ImmunotiX 500 primes and mobilizes the cells that support the body’s first-line immune response.

Immune IV Therapy

Similar to the Myers’ Cocktail, Immune IV Therapy is ideal for immune support. It has 4 times the amount of Vitamin C and double the amount of B-complex of  the Myers’ Cocktail. 

Thymosin Alpha 1 Peptide

Thymosin Alpha-1 (Ta1) is a 28-amino acid peptide that is apowerful modulator of immunity and inflammation. It is a biological response modifier that activates various cells of the immune system.

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