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Tringali Vibrant Health is a Functional Medicine and Integrative Family Practice with offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl and West Palm Beach, FL. We focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of your illness, symptoms, and health issues. With an emphasis on advanced diagnostic  testing, we address the cause of your illness versus the symptoms that traditional medicine treat. Integrating both traditional and alternative medicines, we advance the optimal functioning of your body and its organs, giving you VIBRANT health and wellness. We believe that wellness is not just the absence of disease; it is optimal, VIBRANT health.

Tringali Vibrant Health’s customized treatments are specifically tailored to your individual needs. In conjunction with treating the root cause of your symptoms, we will act as your partner on your path to wellness and longevity.

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Our Practitioners

Dedicated to Wellness

Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C

Functional Medicine Expert & Practitioner

Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C, is a board certified Physician Assistant.  She is a graduate of the University of Florida where she received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees and is a diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Since beginning her career in internal medicine in 1999, Elizabeth has been known for helping patients achieve their wellness and longevity goals by blending complementary and traditional medicine.


Kunal P. Gandhi, M.D.

Board Certified Family Practice

With a background in family medicine, Dr. Kunal P. Gandhi brings a multi-specialty approach to Tringali Vibrant Health. Focusing on women’s health, reproductive health, gut health, and anti-aging medicine, she abides by the tenets of functional medicine that focus on identifying the root causes of disease. She provides concierge or integrative family practice medicine.

Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C


Wendy Finkelstein is a board-certified Physician Assistant who believes that aging is a call for celebration and an opportunity to feel grateful for your body and its incredible ability to transform. She is a graduate of Florida State University where she earned a Bachelor’s in Theology. She later pursued her Masters in Exercise physiology and completed her Physician Assistant Bachelor of Science degree from NOVA southeastern university in 2003. She believes that deconstructing the common paradigms of the aging process can fully help us to embrace our youth at any age.  

With a focus on mitochondrial repair, Wendy approaches Functional Medicine from the cellular level, noting:

“If aging alone is the single most accurate predictor of disease, and inflammation is the root cause, then starting at the cellular level should unquestionably be the target of first step interventions.”


Karen Chyle, APRN


Karen Chyle is a board-certified nurse practitioner (APRN) who has worked in healthcare for 16 years and alongside Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C since 2015. 

She started working next to Elizabeth in 2015 and never moved from her side, working as her RN and specializing in chelation and other detox protocols, peptide therapies, and more. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 2020 and her Master of Science (MSN) in 2022 at Chamberlain University, and is completing her Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine.

With a strong focus on patient education, Karen believes:

“the partnership between a practitioner and a patient should be a relationship that not only restores the patient to optimal health, but also empowers the patient by teaching them the foundational principles of health and wellness.”


Lowell Gerber, M.D.

Medical Director

Our Medical Director, Lowell I. Gerber, M.D., is a physician and holistic cardiologist. His journey into holistic medicine began after his own diagnosis with Lyme and disabling neuroborelliosis. He has a personal understanding and special interest in helping patients and their families with Lyme and associated diseases to achieve the healing that they deserve. Dr. Gerber’s goal for all of his patients is to stay healthy and vital as they age, while achieving good energy levels, body composition, functional and cognitive ability, and sexual function. With his guidance, patients will minimize risk for disease; including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and dementia. 


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Our experienced team members are dedicated to vastly improving the lives of our patients at Tringali Vibrant Health. We believe in providing you with the healthiest, friendliest, and most professional healthcare possible. We encourage you to say hello, tell us your stories, and get to know us better. The entire team at Tringali Vibrant health partners with you along your journey to optimal health and wellness.

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