The Connection Between COVID-19 and Microcirculation Issues

Covid-19 and Microcirculation Issues

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on global health and has led to the discovery of several unexpected complications. One such complication is the association between the virus and the development of long-haul COVID symptoms with microcirculation issues. Below I will explore the current understanding of these connections and discuss the potential mechanisms behind these phenomena.

Microcirculation: A Brief Overview

Microcirculation refers to the blood flow through the smallest blood vessels in our bodies, such as capillaries, arterioles, and venules. These vessels are responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs and for removing waste products.

Impairment in microcirculation can lead to:

  • tissue hypoxia
  • inflammation
  • shortness of breath
  • brain fog
  • POTs
  • neuropathy and issues with autonomic nervous system
  • even organ dysfunction

COVID-19 and Microcirculation Issues

COVID-19 primarily affects the respiratory system, but it can also cause systemic inflammation, leading to widespread microcirculation issues. Research has shown that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can directly infect endothelial cells, which line the interior surface of blood vessels, causing endothelial dysfunction, inflammation, and clot formation. The result is a disrupted microcirculation, leading to potential tissue damage and organ failure in severe cases.

Long-Haul COVID and Microcirculation Issues

Long-haul COVID refers to the persistence of symptoms or the development of new symptoms after the acute phase of COVID-19 infection.

These symptoms can include:

  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • joint pain
  • difficulty breathing

It is believed that the initial infection may cause endothelial dysfunction and inflammation, resulting in long-lasting microcirculatory disturbances. Furthermore, immune system dysregulation, autoantibodies, and ongoing low-grade inflammation could contribute to these microcirculation issues in long-haul COVID patients.

My Favorite Microcirculation Supplement

The relationship between COVID-19, long-haul COVID, and microcirculation issues is complex but there is a clear connection.

Ongoing research is vital to gain a better understanding of these connections and to develop targeted therapies to address microcirculation problems in patients affected by COVID-19 and its long-term complications. Endocalyx Pro is the only proprietary, patented anti-aging supplement that has been clinically shown to maintain a healthy glycocalyx.*

The glycocalyx is the micro-thin gel layer that lines the inside of all blood vessels throughout the body and all organs.

It’s a supplement that is not only beneficial for Covid or Long Haul Covid patients. Endocalyx Pro helps keep blood vessels slick, smooth and protected inside, from the largest arteries and veins to the tiniest capillaries.* This keeps blood flowing freely while optimizing circulation throughout the entire body, which is ultimately good for just about anybody.

EndoCalyx Pro

Endocalyx Pro is a patented formula has been clinically shown to improve the health of a transparent lining inside the capillaries, supporting microcirculation.

Spike Support

Spike Support Formula contains scientifically-researched ingredients, including nattokinase and selenium.

These ingredients are known for their ability to dissolve spike protein, prevent it from binding to cells, and repair tissue. This supplement is formulated to maintain daily health for anyone exposed to COVID, vaccines, or shedding – and may help your body repair itself and remain at optimal health.

Are you Suffering from Microcirculation Issues?

If you think you are suffering from microcirculation issues, book a consult with Tringali Vibrant Health today. Whether you are suffering from an active covid infection, long haul syndrome, or you are simply trying to optimize your health, our providers can customize a treatment plan for you.


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