Is IV Nutritional Therapy the Key to Getting the Nutrients We Need?

Is IV Nutritional Therapy the Key to replenishing important nutrients that may be missing from our food? The answer may surprise you.

Fruits and vegetables are extraordinarily rich in nutrients and phytochemicals that fuel our cells. Lean meats & fish, legumes, and healthy fats supply powerhouse nutrients that should keep our bodies running at an optimal pace. However, the truth is that many of us are deficient in the vitamins and nutrients we need. When our bodies are deprived of essential nutrients, we age faster, gain more weight, suffer from impaired brain function, increased fatigue, increase risk of autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Additional supplementation, either through oral vitamins or IV Nutritional Therapy, is becoming more popular for many people looking to optimize their bodies at the cellular level.

Are you getting the nutrients you need? Is IV Therapy right for you? We’ll cover all of this and more below!

Why are some people not getting the nutrients they need?

There are both simple and more complex answers to this question. More simply, a person deficient in certain nutrients may not be getting the vitamins and minerals they need if they are eating what is known as the Standard American Diet (SAD). With an excess of sugar, refined carbohydrates, saturated fat, trans fats, and highly-processed foods, this diet is indeed SAD and also lacking in the nutrients we need to feed and fuel our bodies. Our bodies have a very difficult time recognizing processed foods and extracting nutrients from them.

Our primary source of vitamins and minerals is our food. And, even if you’re not eating a SAD diet, you still may not be getting the nutrients you need. Many people have difficulty eating a well-balanced (and varied) diet of vegetables, nuts, fruits, and high-quality meat. But, we also have to look at the very food we have available to us.

Not the Food Your Grandparents Ate

The way that we grow our food also has an impact on the nutrients we have available to us. Modern intensive agricultural methods (powerful herbicides and pesticides) have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows:

A landmark study on the topic by Donald Davis and his team of researchers from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry was published in December 2004 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. They studied U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional data from both 1950 and 1999 for 43 different vegetables and fruits, finding “reliable declines” in the amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin C over the past half century. (Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious?)

It would be extreme (and false) to claim that the fruits and vegetables made available to us are not nutritious in any way–especially in comparison to highly-processed foods. However, the intergrity of our soil is being compromised by the methods used to harvest our food today. Oh, and by the way, the soil is not the only thing affected by pesticides and herbicides. These powerful chemicals can overburden your body’s detoxification system, compromise your immune system, and may  even be the driving factor in autoimmune disease).

It Doesn’t Matter What You’re Eating. It Matters What You’re Absorbing.

Digestive issues and other chronic conditions can also negatively impact absorption of vital nutrients within your own gastrointestinal (GI) system. When our bodies become overburdened with toxins (like pesticides, mold, heavy metals, etc.), they affect our microbiome’s ability to both filter out the bad and absorb the good. Thus, we are forced to supplement with vitamins that can replenish the nutrients that we are either missing or failing to absorb. (Learn more about the Gut and Your Immune System Here). However, oral vitamin supplements cannot work if the digestive system is unable to absorb the very nutrients with which we’re supplementing.

This is where IV Nutritional Therapy comes into play in a big way. So…let’s discuss what IV therapy is.

Is IV Nutritional Therapy the Key?

One of the most convenient benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy (especially for those with GI Issues) is that it bypasses the digestive system and delivers vitamins directly into the bloodstream.  Through a minimally invasive intravenous procedure, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can be delivered and absorbed at a much higher rate than foods or oral vitamins.

The second benefit to this method of nutrient supplementation is that much higher doses can be administered at one time. For instance, High-Dose Vitamin C, is incredibly beneficial for the immune system, allergies, viruses and infections (and much more!), but it cannot be administered orally. Too much Vitamin C in the digestive system can induce diarrhea, which is not only unwanted but will also prevent any absorption of the nutrient itself. With intravenous application, Vitamin C can be administered in highly- beneficial large dosages.

A Hard Pill To Swallow

A much less complex but no less important reason for choosing intravenous administration of your vitamins is the inability to swallow pills. 💊  Many patients of ours have difficulty swallowing pills–especially when they are very deficient and require many different supplements. IV vitamin therapy is a perfect way to obtain the nutrients you need without having to swallow any pills.

What Are the Benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy?

Whether you have an autoimmune disease, have been exposed to toxic metals, or you are merely experiencing fatigue or combating a cold or flu, IV vitamin therapy can help. If you are recuperating from an illness, a hangover, jet lag, or just looking to increase your athletic performance and optimize your health, IV Vitamins are the most direct method for doing so.

Some of the many benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy are:

  • Increased energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Reduced stress
  • Allergy support
  • Immune support
  • Improved skin quality
  • Fewer headaches/migraines
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Hydration boost
  • Muscle recovery
  • Overall feelings of well-being

IV fluids and vitamins can be a more effective and efficient way to nourish the body. Patients with certain conditions may also experience more rapid transformations with IV therapy than they would be able to achieve with oral supplementation–sometimes just minutes after the IV.

At Tringali Vibrant Health we take great care to provide the safest and most effective IV Nutritional Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach, FL. We suggest finding a Functional Medicine practitioner in your area who is both reputable and licensed to administer these highly beneficial therapies.

To find out if you’re deficient in any nutrients, call us at: 561-283-1166 to have a simple micronutrient test.

We can customize your IV therapy for your body’s exact needs, or you can choose from our IV Vitamin Therapy Menu.

In VIBRANT health,

Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C

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