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Medical Weight Loss & Gut Health Reset

Starts January 22!

A Functional Approach to Medical Weight Loss

FDA Approved Weight Loss Peptides

Gut Health Optimization

The Tringali Vibrant Health 4-Week Reset Program uniquely targets two fundamental aspects of weight management: advanced medical weight loss and comprehensive gut health optimization.

At the heart of our approach is the FDA-approved Tirzapetide, a cutting-edge medical weight loss peptide. However, our program goes beyond the conventional track.

We don’t just provide peptides; we delve into the root causes of your weight challenges.  This functional approach to weight loss not only aids in shedding pounds fast but also helps to correct the underlying causes of your weight gain in the process, ensuring lasting and sustainable weight loss.

What's Included in the 4-Week Reset Program?

Julie Vargas, APRN, FNP-BC outside of Tringali Vibrant Health

30 Minute Consultation

Meet with Gut Health Expert, Julie Vargas, APRN for a 30-min consult.

Four vials of peptide therapy and a syringe.

FDA Approved Peptides

Provider-prescribed GLP-1 & GIP peptides that have been FDA approved for weight loss.

Four Functional Lab Work test tubes.

Lab Work & Thyroid Testing

Receive in house basic lab work & thyroid testing to optimize personalization.

Functional Food & Supplements

Custom-formulated supplements for optimal Weight Loss & Gut Health!

Comprehensive Nutritional Support

Custom-formulated supplements for optimal Weight Loss & Gut Health!

Weekly Telehealth Sessions

Meet with Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C & Julie Vargas, APRN every week!

Weekly Bioimpedance Testing

Bioimpedance (Composition) Testing to measure fat, bone, and hydration

Weekly HOCATT Ozone Sauna Sessions

Burn Calories & Fat with Weekly Ozone Sauna Therapy!

Weekly Fat Burner Shots

Receive weekly Lipolean, Fat Burner shots every week with your peptide injection.

Julie vargas, APRN and Functional Health Coach Courtney Fisch discuss the Reset program

Health Coaching Sessions

Meet with Functional Health Coach Courtney Celeste Fisch on two group calls.

Are You Ready to Reset?

Leave your information below, and our Reset Coordinator will save you a spot in the program and will contact you with more details! And, you can always call us directly at 561-283-1166

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