Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C

“I am a heart forward practitioner. I believe that there is a space–a sort of semi permeable membrane between our physical body and our spirit. When this sacred space is infiltrated by stress, toxins, infection, inflammation, emotions and false thinking loops, our health is affected. I am in service to this space and teach my patients how to nourish, fuel and love themselves into their best health!” Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C

Wendy Finkelstein is a board-certified Physician Assistant who believes that aging is a call for celebration and an opportunity to feel grateful for your body and its incredible ability to transform. She is a graduate of Florida State University where she earned a Bachelor’s in Theology. She later pursued her Masters in Exercise physiology and completed her Physician Assistant Bachelor of Science degree from NOVA southeastern university in 2003. She believes that deconstructing the common paradigms of the aging process can fully help us to embrace our youth at any age.

With a focus on mitochondrial repair, Wendy approaches Functional Medicine from the cellular level, noting:

“If aging alone is the single most accurate predictor of disease, and inflammation is the root cause, then starting at the cellular level should unquestionably be the target of first step interventions.” – Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C

Wendy believes aging is a call for celebration and an opportunity to feel grateful. She feels by deconstructing the common paradigms of the aging process we can fully emerge into our youth at any age. Partnering with our bodies and collaborating with knowledgeable caring practitioners, can allow us to truly harness and reclaim vitality. 

Wendy has over a decade of experience in internal medicine, sports medicine and dermatology.  Because of her personal background as a seasoned ironman athlete, she has been able to personally motivate and inspire her patients with the mindset and commitment needed to achieve and maintain health goals.  Wendy addresses the root causes of energy drainage that include Immune function, latent infections, gut health, thyroid illness, hormone imbalance, metabolic inflexibility, fatigue, and accumulated bio-toxins.