When I first met Elizabeth Tringali, dozens of doctors had no explanation why my excellent health had crashed, leaving me disabled.  I also realized that doctors don’t care and when they have no answers, they kick you out and tell you to go die. When she told me she could reverse my Parkinsonism, unusual weight gain, constant headaches, disabling 24/7 vertigo, fatigue and brain fog, I thought it was impossible.  3 years later she has customized my supplements to my exact deficiencies, identified my Celiac disease, changed my diet, put my hormones, immune system, and thyroid function back in balance, and recommended hyperbaric oxygen which was miraculous.  She is the most amazing, knowledgeable, kind, and caring medical practitioner you could possibly imagine.  Elizabeth is a superstar in the new field of Functional Medicine. Get in to see her before it becomes impossible!  Whether you have problems, want to arrest and reverse the aging process, or maintain the good health you have now, she will change your life.  I am now in good health, highly functional, and much more hopeful about my future. The best part, it’s all NATURAL.



When I first saw Elizabeth 3 years ago I was exhausted, overweight, and my skin looked so bad often times I wouldn’t want to leave my house. My blood work showed so many different underlying issues causing all these problems. Elizabeth is literally a miracle worker! She put the pieces of the puzzle together and within months of doing what she told me to do and with the help of supplements and proper eating habits, I was literally a different woman. I had previously gone to several endocrinologists to help with my thyroid issue and none of them helped me to feel the slightest bit better. Now I realize they were all focusing on putting a bandaid on my thyroid issue rather than fixing the underlying problem. I am so thankful to have met Elizabeth! Now all my friends go to her and everyone in our community and church talks about “Elizabeth” and the ways she has helped them! She is THE woman to see!! 

-30 year old woman, 3 children, hypothyroidism 


I met Elizabeth Tringali three years ago, and she changed my health and happiness.  I was referred to Elizabeth by a personal trainer.  I had been on a 6 month quest to get back in shape and health…I was dieting, working out hard and even gave up my favorite treat of wine in life…all of this with little to no success.  I was in a stressful job, and I knew as I was approaching my 38th birthday that something was out of whack.  I wasn’t depressed, but I was unhappy and on edge about everything.

After my first appointment with Elizabeth; I felt relieved to know that there was hope.  She explained to me with science based on my blood work why I was feeling they way I was and why I wasn’t making progress with my health and fitness goals.

I followed her suggestions and was very compliant.  I dropped 12 pounds in 2 months, and regained my mental health along the way.  She helped me get off my ADHD medicine, and rid my body of all the toxicity I had built inside of it after years of doing things liking eating the wrong foods, using the wrong products and so much more that had taken a toll on my body and mind.

Three years later, I am still happy and healthy.  I occasionally find myself getting pulled back into my old ways, and a quick visit to see Elizabeth only helps me reset my thinking back to health!

I can’t give any medical provider I have every had in my 41 years higher accolades of praise and appreciation!  I recommend her to all my friends, and encourage that regardless of your issues seek the advice of Elizabeth before traditional medicine doctors.

Jennifer Gowdy


“I have been a patient of Eizabeth for almost 6 years. She has helped me with my problems such as hormonal imbalance, weight gain, hair loss, low energy level etc. 

A big problem I was having in addition to the above, was brain fog which Elizabeth totally cured me with mercury detox for one month. I am happy to say that my brain is clearere and more alert due to her great program.

Thank you Elizabeth!”


Honestly I don’t even know where to start about sharing all the great results that I have gained once I started chelation. I had been on medication for over 25 years for high blood pressure and an arrhythmia, I was only 25 years old at the time of my diagnosis. Over the years my dose continues to go up and up along with getting diabetes and other aliments. Regular medical doctors just continue to give you more medication to cover our symptoms, where as with chelation and natural medicine we learn how to fix ourselves.  Just after my  tenth treatment my blood pressure started decreasing, I wasn’t having angina attacks and my arrhythmia had disappeared. I was able to push myself through a work out. My endurance continues to get better and better. My all over health is getting stronger I am now up to my 26th chelation and the more I do the better and stronger I feel.  I keep noticing things are just getting stronger in my body.  I recommend this to everyone who has anything that ails them. It’s kind of like a scrub brush that’s cleaning out your body as you can feel your circulation getting better as well.

Working with Elizabeth has me feeling the best I ever had. It has added years to my health and I am truly great full for knowledge. 

Good health to all.. 

Irene B. 


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