Anti-Aging Medicine has come a long way. Anti-Aging Medicine is a combination medical science, biotechnology, and advanced clinical preventive medicine. Anti-Aging Medicine’s misconception is that it is only available to the rich and famous. But in fact, Anti-Aging is a preventative specialty, aiding in detection, treatment, and reversal of aging processes we are al subjected to.

The New Anti-Aging advances are truly reversing and rejuvenation our bodies. We live in a fast paced world, and all our technology is changing rapidly. We now live longer, and we want to feel and look great well into our 90’s.  We want energy, stamina, vitality, sexual drive, healthy skin and a sharp mind – we want our bodies to function better. We want the quality AND the quantity of life, and we are willing to do all we can to achieve that.

Anti-Aging medicine treats the signs of aging by changing our overall nutrition, diet, exercise. Just making minor dietary changes affects how our body functions; and by adding pharmaceutical grade supplements into our diet, removing toxins out of our systems, and taking proper bio-identical hormones, our body’s natural rejuvenation is stimulated.

Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C is an expert in Anti-Aging Medicine. Call us today and jumpstart your rejuvenation process.


“Anti-Aging Specialist in West Palm Beach” is your one-stop-shop for all your “bio identical hormone” needs. At our “Anti-Aging clinic” we truly care about your well being – and we treat the root causes of the “aging process” – We are “South Florida’s premier anti-aging clinic”, as we go above and beyond of what you would expect from an “anti-aging doctor”. “Anti-aging” is a medical science, and Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C is exceptional practitioner in this field of medicine. “Palm Beach Anti-Aging” is usually treated with our “Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins”, as well as “Nutritional consultations”, “Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy”, and more. A firm believer in, “You are what you eat”, Elizabeth Tringali PA-C leads by example. She practices what she preaches, and one look at her – and you know she is the greatest advertiser of her brand, Tringali Vibrant Health. Stop by our office in West Palm Beach, and make an appointment with Elizabeth. If you are tired of being tired, look no further. South Florida’s newest and greatest “Anti-Aging Specialist” is just around the corner! Make your call today!! 

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-Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C, Kunal P. Gandhi, M.D., Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C & Karen Chyle, APRN

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