Tringali Vibrant’s Health Four Week detox, cleanse, and weight loss package will begin with initial one hour consultation with Elizabeth Tringali. As an expert nutritionist and fitness enthusiast, she will personalize this package to fit each patient, and will guide and monitor your weight loss process on a weekly basis.

Week One:

Consultation with Elizabeth, where she will address all your diet needs, questions, concerns, and your diet frustrations. She will explain in detail about the foods you need to avoid and why, the foods you should be eating, and how they will benefit you. Elizabeth will set you on a path of success by administering one Fat burner shot,  and will record your vitals and your initial weight.

Week Two:

You are starting to feel better; your energy level has improved, you feel excited, driven, ready to take on the second week of the program. Your visit to the office will include a weigh-in, recording vitals, and a fat burner shot. A 30 min consultation with Elizabeth will help solidify your program, and give you time to ask questions and/or address your concerns.

Week Three:

By now, you should be seeing significant weight loss results, as well as increased energy, improved mood, you are noticing changes in your skin, hair, and more – This week, your visit to our office will include a weigh-in, vital check up, a fat burner shot, and a 30 min Consultation.

Week Four:

You are almost at a finish line! You’ve been following Elizabeth’s instructions, and you are ecstatic with your weight loss so far. You are feeling and looking incredible, your clothes are fitting better, and the weigh-in proves your progress with the final checkup.  This is your final visit to the office, where you will receive your final Fat Burner shot. 

Now that you are on the right path, keep up the great work! If you stick with this diet plan and exercise routine – and use this guide as your new lifestyle, you will keep the weight off, you will continually have high energy levels, drive, and great mood. And by now, you have earned yourself a shopping spree to buy yourself a new wardrobe!

Tringali Vibrant Health suggests you continue with weekly Fat Burner shots,  a monthly follow up visit and consultations with Elizabeth Tringali, and a diet consisting of quality food and  of course, supplements, which are available in our office.


4 week program to a better, healthier you!

Initial Visit with Elizabeth (One Hour)

Two 30 min Follow up visits/consultations

Weekly Weigh In

One Bottle of Leptin Manager

One Bottle of ActivNutrients

4 Fat Burner Shots (One per Week)

Paleo Cleanse (14 day program kit with shakes and non stimulating weight loss pills)

Paleo Meal Lean Body detox (14 day program kit)

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