Elizabeth Tringali is a gift. Caring and compassionate, she stays on top of state- of- the – art, cutting-edge knowledge and treatments and puts all the pieces together to bring her patients to total health.  I am so fortunate to be in her care.

One of the most difficult things to say goodbye to when I moved to NYC to help out my family was my treatment with Elizabeth.   In addition to her extreme compassion and genuine concern for her clients, she is committed, astute, studied and on top of her game.  She is savvy about cutting- edge , state –of- the- art treatments and is brilliant at seeing the whole picture and making the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

When I happily made my way to Elizabeth’s office on my return to Florida, she recommended I try the ozone sauna that she had installed in the office.  After the very first session, a long time, recurring pain in my upper thigh disappeared, as did other minor aches and pains in my legs.  I was hit by a bus ages ago and have an arthritic hip which leads to a variety of problems, including making it painful to sleep on either my right or left side.  Since using the sauna, I have no problem sleeping on either side.

I have had Lymes disease, as well as metal and toxic mold poisoning, all of which seem to have had some neuro-cognitive effects.  I often experience “brain fog.”  Since using the sauna, I feel very clear and focused.  I also feel more mental and creative energy, and have been motivated to start several projects that have been on hold.

I also feel the sauna has had a positive impact on my nervous system.  I am prone to anxiety and worrying.  I have been going through a challenging period lately but feel very serene, clear and steady despite the storm.  The sauna has helped me stay grounded and centered in the face of some major decisions  which are usually  difficult for me to make. I feel very unflapped and able to quietly think through my options.

I think the sauna has increased my stamina and energy. I feel more integrated, confident and comfortable with myself.  I feel more connected to my core, and everything seems to flow more easily. I am so grateful for this sauna and look forward to continued use and deeper benefits.

Thank you, Elizabeth

Amy Hatkoff

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-Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C, Kunal P. Gandhi, M.D., Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C & Karen Chyle, APRN

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