I cannot express enough gratitude for what Elizabeth and her practice have done for my health. I was battling a debilitating illness that was unknown to me at the time, all the while trying to function as a police officer working the night shift. I had contracted an unknown digestive system infection while handling a prisoner who had just been released from the hospital. This was all while dealing with a flare up of IBD making it immeasurably worse. I was running to the bathroom with extreme urgency upwards of 10 times a day. I couldn’t retain food for more than a few hours and I had quickly lost 35 pounds, had zero energy and could not concentrate even on simple tasks.

I had gone several times to a well-respected Gastroenterologist and had consulted with several of my family members who are practicing medical doctors. The Gastroenterologist ordered routine blood work and simply continued up through the medication tree, which included Humira, and what would have eventually gone to even more serious treatments.

These treatments provided nominal results if any and I could not continue to function in my profession with this health condition for much longer. I was referred to Elizabeth by my wife; her family has been visiting her regularly for years. At first I was very reluctant to try alternative medicine. While tuning into talk radio randomly one day, I came across a show about alternative medicine, the various issues with our food (GMO, pesticides, etc.) and how our bodies are bombarded by attacks daily. This motivated me to finally go to Elizabeth’s office.

At my first appointment, I felt very comfortable and Elizabeth was extremely approachable as she listened to all of my concerns. She took the time to fully explain potential causes for my symptoms and immediately ordered exhaustive testing to be completed. She placed me on multiple vitamin supplements and gut support supplements, as well as provided a strict diet, which I swore to myself to adhere to.

After the test results came back, she was able to identify that I was battling a severe C-Diff infection that the other doctor had missed! I was immediately put on traditional antibiotics in conjunction with other natural antibiotics and probiotics. If you’re thinking that the antibiotics alone were the trick, you’re mistaken. My Gastroenterologist had placed me on extremely aggressive antibiotics which did not work and made me feel even worse.

The identification of the disease and supplements used to treat them mixed with conventional drug prescriptions were something only Elizabeth was able to do. It wasn’t a quick fix, as I believe there was no quick fix for my issues, but it was absolutely worth it. Elizabeth and her team gave me my life back and I will never forget it.


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-Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C, Kunal P. Gandhi, M.D., Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C & Karen Chyle, APRN

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