When I first met Elizabeth Tringali, dozens of doctors had no explanation why my excellent health had crashed, leaving me disabled.  I also realized that doctors don’t care and when they have no answers, they kick you out and tell you to go die. When she told me she could reverse my Parkinsonism, unusual weight gain, constant headaches, disabling 24/7 vertigo, fatigue and brain fog, I thought it was impossible.  3 years later she has customized my supplements to my exact deficiencies, identified my Celiac disease, changed my diet, put my hormones, immune system, and thyroid function back in balance, and recommended hyperbaric oxygen which was miraculous.  She is the most amazing, knowledgeable, kind, and caring medical practitioner you could possibly imagine.  Elizabeth is a superstar in the new field of Functional Medicine. Get in to see her before it becomes impossible!  Whether you have problems, want to arrest and reverse the aging process, or maintain the good health you have now, she will change your life.  I am now in good health, highly functional, and much more hopeful about my future. The best part, it’s all NATURAL.

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-Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C, Kunal P. Gandhi, M.D., Wendy Finkelstein, PA-C & Karen Chyle, APRN

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