MOTS-C Peptide Therapy


MOTS-C (or mitochondrial open-reading-frame of the twelve SrRNA-C) is a 16-amino-acid peptide that is naturally produced in your body by the mitochondria in your cells. This peptide is located in various organs of your body, such as the liver, brain, and muscle tissues. It regulates gene expression, cellular metabolism, metabolic flexibility, insulin sensitivity, and so much more.

MOTS-C is a “mitochondrial-derived peptide” (MDP). Because mitochondria are the single most important metabolic organelle, MOTS-C plays significant roles in managing your metabolism.

Possible Benefit of MOTS-C:

MOTS-C Peptide therapy may help with all of the following:

  • Targets the skeletal muscle
  • Enhances mitochondrial health
  • Enhances glucose metabolism
  • Improves Physical Function
  • Controls Insulin Sensitivity
  • Helps Metabolic Diseases of Aging
  • Helps With Diet-induced Obesity
  • Promotes fatty acid metabolism in the liver
  • Helps control mitochondrial energy
  • Promotes metabolic flexibility and balance
  • Improves resistance to metabolic stress
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis

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How Does MOTS-C Work?

MOTS-c targets the skeletal muscle. The skeletal muscle enhances insulin sensitivity and increases glucose uptake in myocytes (muscle cells) by activating the AMPK pathway and at the same time without increasing insulin. MOTS‐c has been called an “exercise‐mimetic,”meaning it imitates exercise on the body. Exercise also increases muscle glucose uptake without stimulating insulin.

Studies show that MOTS-c treatment enhances physical performance by improving whole body energy metabolism, in part, by promoting adaptive responses to exercise-related stress conditions (e.g. metabolic imbalance and heat shock) in skeletal muscle.

Neuroprotective Benefit: MOTS-c may have anti-inflammatory properties and promote cellular energetics.

Aging and related health concerns: MOTS-c enhances metabolic flexibility, improves insulin sensitivity, and may act as an exercise mimetic. MOTS-c rejuvenates aging phenotypes in muscle and may impact longevity.

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