Karen Chyle, APRN

Karen Chyle is a board-certified nurse practitioner (APRN) who has worked in healthcare for 16 years and alongside Elizabeth Tringali, PA-C since 2015. Beginning as an EMT/firefighter and then a nurse, Karen has an expansive view of both conventional and functional medicine. Her journey to functional medicine was heavily influenced and guided by her experience raising a child diagnosed with ADHD.

Karen came to Tringali Vibrant Health after working as a charge nurse in a long-term children’s psychiatric hospital. Frustrated by the ways in which conventional medicine seemed to be failing these children by not addressing their overall health and simply piling on more prescription meds, Karen was looking for a position in which she could provide a more comprehensive medical approach. At the same time, her own son was diagnosed with ADHD. She knew she wanted something different for him. This is when she met Elizabeth and began learning about addressing the root causes of illness.

She started working next to Elizabeth in 2015 and never moved from her side, working as her RN and specializing in chelation and other detox protocols, peptide therapies, and more. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in 2020 and her Master of Science (MSN) in 2022 at Chamberlain University, and is completing her Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine.

With a strong focus on patient education, Karen believes: “the partnership between a practitioner and a patient should be a relationship that not only restores the patient to optimal health, but also empowers the patient by teaching them the foundational principles of health and wellness.”