John Shedd, M.D.

John Shedd, M.D. is a board certified diplomate of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Family Practice.

As an emergency physician working for over 20 years in one of Florida’s largest trauma centers, Dr. Shedd was faced with the daily struggle of helping his patients through the late stages of their disease processes.  He was impacted by how much illness could have been prevented by modified lifestyles and early intervention.  This is how he began his journey through regenerative medicine.

Several years ago, he completed his fellowship, advanced training, and board certification in regenerative medicine with the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine, a path that would forever change his approach to disease and wellness. Dr. Shedd believes that health and wellness must be addressed on the cellular level.  This is where the magic happens. We are essentially a fusion of 30 trillion cells, working in unison to support our health, wellness and spirituality despite our suboptimal lifestyles and constant bombardment of environmental toxins.

He asserts that we are not held captive to our genetic predisposition. Modern science has advanced to enable us to identify and address disease processes like insulin resistance and poor vascular endothelial function at their earliest presentation (or far prior to their development). As a regenerative medicine physician, Dr. Shedd takes a comprehensive approach to help you optimize performance, live well, feel well and look well.

“Having worked for several years with extreme athletes I have learned that the shape of our lives should relate to our intended function or purpose.  ‘Form follows function.’  As Hippocrates once said, ‘Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.’  Let me help you heal yourself.” – Dr. Shedd.