Begin Your Journey

Congratulations on taking your first step toward VIBRANT health! The journey you are about to take is different from typical medical visits you’ve had in the past. At Tringali Vibrant Health, healing and wellness is based on a partnership and a process. Our providers will work with you to identify and treat the root causes of your health issues. This guide is designed to help you with any questions you may have as you move throughout your journey with us.

Your Journey to

Vibrant Health


Accept Your Invite From Our Patient Portal 

The Patient Portal is your main hub for anything you may need at Tringali Vibrant Health. Use it to your advantage! It is a robust and vibrant tool that will get you the answers you need…fast!


IF YOU HAVEN’T RECEIVED THIS INVITE within 24 hrs of your appt, please call us at: 561-283-1166

Click here for specific Pt. Portal login info.


Your Initial Consult

Your Initial Consult includes a 90-minute visit with a Tringali Vibrant Health Practitioner. During this consult we engage in a conversation to find out more about you, your health, and family history to build your in-depth health profile. During this appointment, your practitioner will go over your medical history, your goals, ailments, prior lab testing, and nutrition.


You will receive:

      • 28-Day Elimination Detox Plan
      • Preliminary Supplement Recommendations
      • Lab Work Order
      • Personalized Treatment Plan

Your Lab Work

The next and most important step is to have your lab work drawn. We offer both in-house lab testing and we are also partnered with Rupa Health to make your labwork experience more convenient and streamlined.

You will receive an email from Rupa Health whenever we make a lab order for you. If you have any questions you can just respond to any of their emails or call your patient advocacy contact, which will be provided to you at your consult.


Navigating Your Plan

After your initial consult, you may have many questions. A 15-min phone call or in-person consultaton with a patient advocate will help you with any questions you may have about your treatment plan.

Our Patient Advocates work directly with your provider and can help you with:

      • Your Elimination Diet
      • Information about  Supplements, Peptides, Hormones, and Lab Work

Follow Up

Six weeks after your initial appointment, you will have a follow-up consult with your provider to review initial results from your labs. Further personalization of your treatment plan is done at this touchpoint.

Continuing on Your Journey
As you begin to feel better and we continue working together, your provider is available for follow-up appointments. At these follow-up appointments, your provider may order more testing and modify your treatment plan, according to your needs. You will receive ongoing support from our nursing staff and access to all of our treat ment modalitities, including pharmaceutical-grade supplements, IV therapy, HOCATT Ozone Sauna treatments, and more.
Are you Ready to take the first step?
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